Fish shop - Užupio str. 9, Vilnius

Phone: +370 641 53567

Lithuanian fresh fish shop

“Šturmų švyturys” store is known to many people in Vilnius. Here fresh Lithuanian fish arrives daily and is immediately put on the ice for consumers’ choice.

If they request we not only shave or chop the fish in fillet, but also advise the way on how to prepare it best and what suits with it best. 


Culinary section

Here you can buy fresh fish dishes, flavorings and sauces made by the restaurant chefs that are time-tested and beloved by visitors. You can also purchase smoked and dried fish prepared in “Šturmų švyturys” located in the littoral.

After purchasing dishes and flavorings made by the restaurant chefs, here in the store you can choose the highest quality fish which goes especially good with German or Austrian wines. 


How to find us?

Užupio Str. 9, Vilnius   |   Tel. +370 641 53567   |   Open hours: II-V 11:00 am – 7:00 pm, VI 10:00 am – 5:00 pm