Hotel: +370 687 97756, | Restaurant: +370 650 90139
The restaurant, located in the harbour, and the hotel form a cosy architectural ensemble reflecting the old spirit of Little Lithuania.
The interior and furnishing of the restaurant creates an impression of simplicity, cosiness and originality.
There are no unnecessaries preventing you from enjoying the peace and unique tastes of the food or overwhelming the homelike crackling sounds of the fire in the fireplace and the surrounding silence.

This is the only fresh fish restaurant in Lithuania where you won’t find a traditional menu. Fishermen set sail into the lagoon every day, and what you eat today depends on the Maumas of the lagoon and fishermen’s luck. The catch of each day is placed on ice and you can choose a fish for the restaurant’s cook to prepare right before your eyes and bake in the fireplace.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste our magic fish soup - the spell of fire and special sauce will help to fulfil your most secret wishes…

Near the restaurant, there’s a cosy terrace with wooden plank beds, so whole enjoying our food and beverages, you can observe what’s happening on the other side of the lagoon – how the sun descends into the dead dunes, how the lights of the Curonian Spit turn on in the evening, and how all the constellations light up over your head at night.

Listen, you can hear the fish whispering…